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Indonesia Kalbar-1 Project Unit 2 connects to the grid successfully

2021-4-30 16:08:02

At 1:26 of April 29, Indonesia Kalbar-1 Project #2 was successfully connected to the grid once. Steam turbines, generators, main transformers, plant transformers and main rotating equipment were operating normally, with excellent parameters.

In order to ensure the smooth connection of #2 to the grid, the project team has advanced planning and system arrangements, summing up and learning the experience of #1 during the general start-up and grid connection to ensure that power generation can be realized faster under the premise of safety of personnel and equipment. At 1:46 of April 26, the boiler ignition was started, and the boiler was flushed in hot state to improve the quality of steam and water. At 3:29 of April 28, the steam turbine brake began to rush, and the steam turbine successfully rushed to 3000 rpm at 6:12. And then project carry out steam turbine overspeed test, valve tightness test, boiler safety valve setting, generator open circuit test, short circuit test, AVR test and false synchronization test before grid connection, and it was successfully connected to the grid at 1:26 of April 29.